Funny Pages – Let Sleeping Cows Lay

If you’ve enver heard the expression, that’s probably cause it isn’t one. But it should be.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today on the Funny pages, we get down and dirty as Link gets down and dirty. That creepy bowlist. Weirdest. Fetish. Ever. A pregnant cow is a big hit, er kick. March Madness continues, and the best idea for a reality show? David Spade in a wig.


Dailymotion  – Live from the CenTre – Eps 2 – Incubator Project (link)

Let’s jaunt on over to dailymotion where some cracker is talking about the incubator project, which we hope will really grow to a bigger video in which they hatch a new project.


This may have a slow start and I wouldn’t really blame you for dropping out 30 seconds in. But somewhere around the 5:45 mark it actually got really good. I don’t know if I’d say it’s totally work the wait. But it’s better than that video of the monkey drinking it’s own pee. Ok I lied, nothing is better than that.


Break  – Never Wake A Sleeping Ninja Cow (link)

Speaking of crazy animals, let’s take a crazy animal break with break dot com’s sleeping ninja cow of the day.


College Humor – March Madness Pt. 5 (link)

Jake and Amir get annoying about basketball. Or some shit.


Dorkly – Zelda II Sex Scene (link)

This is some gratuitous elf text.


UCB Comedy – Boycotted! (link)

Upright Citizen’s Brigade was, in my mind, inspirational to the new wave of comedy we see flourishing on the internet today. But for some reason the folks over at UCB comedy have decided to start featuring this awful series of short videos called ‘Jim-A-Day Calendar’ there’s one for each day, and the light is terrible, the writing’s not much better and I’m sick of it. So until they stop showing these I will continue to have this personal embargo (and this message) on the funny pages list, in my pants.


Funny Or Die – The Honest Bachelor (link)

David Spade stars as the most honest Bachelor in the world. This is pretty much the most fantastic Reality Spoof I’ve seen ever. And I worked in that god forsaken industry for 7 years.


And furthermore, who doesn’t want to bone David Spade in that wig?

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your text on!

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