Funny Pages – The Green Day Aftermath

What videos will grace the front pages of an Irish Drinking weekend?

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Get your fill of left over green beer and viral videos from the front pages of the webs most popular and revered comedy makers.


Dailymotion  – Chuck Norris contre Pac Man (link)

This is a pretty cool series of videos in which the main character, in this case good old M.r Pacman, is replaced with Folger’s Crystals… I mean Chuck Norris.

Wait till you see his finishing move!


Break  – Gorilla Pranks Zoo Workers (link)

Here’s the obligatory video of a monkey throwing something dirty. It’s time for a break form reality with this clip of some monkey business!


Psych super psych zoon workers. You got silverback’d! Who knew gorilla’s were so funny! What a sense of humor this guy has!


Comedy Central – The Four (link)

So has been taken over by Comedy Central, which hopefully means will start seeing more funny video… any day now. I’m not sure what to think about this. But mostly because their player is still buffering. Note to CC… if you want to get in the streaming video game, get your back end f’ing working!


Somebody let me know how this was.


College Humor – Dishwasher (link)

One of my favorite character based video series is ack with Mary Kate being an adderall laden little monkey of psychosis. Though this time, I think I’m just to full of green beer memory inability to comprehendo what the hell is going on…


Dorkly – X-Men Disappoint Magneto (link)

Nobody likes Dazzler, nobody. Except the pervs. But what a sad way to show up Magneto.


UCB Comedy – St. Paddy's Day in Hermosa Beach (link)

Well we had to have at least one St Patty’s day video, and honestly if it’s gonna be with anyone it should be with Betsy Sardo.

So next time you think to yourself, “how much fun would jesus want me to have?” the answer is; enough to put on youtube and get some major hits.


Funny Or Die – 31 Jump Street (link)

Eh, I had higher hopes for this video than I did the movie remake. So anyway, someone at FOD saw their way to featuring this thing. You may enjoy it more than lemon juice on an open wound. But I wouldn’t mind renacting St Patty’s day until I forget this ever happened.

Keep it up, keep it real, and for god sakes keep your pants on!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and dance a jig until your pants fall down.

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