We LOVE Stefon!

Our look at our favorite 'Stefon" moments on SNL

Sax Carrby Sax Carr


Recently CraveOnline.com reviewed the amazing comedy album by John Mulaney (which we loved). Along the way we realized that Mulaney co-created one of our favorite Saturday Night Live characters, Stefon. So I thought I’d take a look at all the previous Stefon SNL appearances and compile some good ones. It was kind of a labor of love. So here are a few of the best appearances of easily one of the best characters on the landmark TV series.

Speaking of SNL, it’s been thought to be famously in decline this past decade, which may not be far from truth. Still it’s hard to judge a show by its founding season. Though I’ve seen as many missteps these recent seasons as any other viewer, I would still say there is gold buried in each episode. If these clips bring anyone back to the American institution that SNL once was and deserves to be again, then this will be good for some at least. Saturday Night Live is the only topical sketch show we really have left, and the digital shorts are really great.


Check this one out for refrences to Human Suitcases (one of my favorites) and Jupids, which brings a good laugh break out of Bill Hader.




In many ways the Stefon sketches shine the most when Hader can’t keep it together. Here is a highpoint laugh break on biskit knee’d kids.




The first appearance of Stefon really dragged me in. Human Kites have a funny beat, but its Hader’s read on “Spicy” which changed the way I saw SNL these recent seasons.




The last offering here on CraveOnline has a return of Spicy, as well as a fantastic Wilfred Brimley reference and a handful of cross-cultural comedy spots.




Here’s a little origin story from Hader himself about how the character came to be, how it’s written, and why he cracks up too much.



Here’s hoping you enjoy this as much as I always do. Now I have to go say “Spicy” 50 times to get it out of my head.


Keep it tuned to CraveOnline.com for more goodness and an upcoming look at the 10 best SNL Sketches in recent memory.


– Sax