Manning Chooses Denver

Hall of fame quarterbacks unite as John Elway brings Peyton to Colorado.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

NFL fans have been waiting for answers about Peyton Manning for months.  Will the Colts cut him?  Will he stay in Indy and teach Andrew Luck?  Where does Manning go now?  What would his signing mean for the rest of the league?  Well, now we have our answer.

Peyton Manning is going to Denver to be a Bronco, pending any hiccups during the negotiation process.

That's right, one of the first teams Peyton visited after being released by the Colts is the team he has chosen.  Many rumors lately had him going to Tennessee and San Francisco, and why not?  Manning is a God-like figure in Tennessee after his college days with the University of Tennessee Volunteers and would be a hit if he joined the Titans.  Meanwhile,the 49ers would be instant Super Bowl favorites if they added Manning to an already amazing team in San Francisco.

But the future hall of famer is going to Denver and the team ownership and coaching staff could not be happier.

It's no secret that John Elway and head coach John Fox were never comfortable with quarterback Tim Tebow last year.  The team had their hand forced in starting Tebow when former starter Kyle Orton struggled early and was met by fans booing and chanting Tebow's name.  But now that Manning will be headed to Denver, the Broncos can build a viable team around him.  Not an option-run offense that was never going to work.

Now the biggest issue in Denver is, what do they do to bring in pieces to surround Manning?

Last week was fast and furious with free-agent signings, and now the Broncos have to pick from the scraps of the free-agency cupboard.  Several former Colts players were probably waiting for Peyton to sign so they could follow him where he went. 

So don't be surprised to see center Jeff Saturday, tight end Dallas Clark, and maybe even running back Joseph Addai in Denver next year. 

At wide receiver the Broncos have a potentially great weapon in Demaryius Thomas, and a solid possession receiver in Eric Decker.  But don't be surprised if they go after Steelers' restricted free agent Mike Wallace.  The Steelers have said they will match any offer made to Wallace but if the Broncos offer him more than Pittsburgh is willing to pay, the Broncos would have to give their first round pick (#25) to the Steelers. 

Denver could also attempt to make a trade with Fox's former team, the Carolina Panthers.  Carolina has already signed running back Mike Tolbert which means they could be open to trading Johnathan Stewart or DeAngelo Williams. 

The Broncos could also trade Tim Tebow to another team.  An interesting situation may be to send him to New England to be with former coach Josh McDaniels in a trade involving Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett, who could be great learning behind Manning after sitting behind Tom Brady last year.