Fishing For Fisher

One superstar acknowledges he’s open to the point guard joining his team.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Derek Fisher is a free agent. The Lakers traded 37-year-old veteran guard Derek Fisher to the Houston Rockets last week, but the point guard completed a multi-year buyout because he wanted to play for a serious contender.

Unfortunately for Fisher, the word around the league is mixed as to what he has left to offer. Some coaches believe his career is pretty much over, while others think he’s still got another year or two of competitive play.

Any way you cut it, Fisher’s 3-point production is the lowest it’s been in five years, shooting just 32 percent beyond the arc. He’s also been a defensive liability for years. Yet, nothing speaks louder than championship rings and when it comes to those, Fisher’s got five to his name.

He’s seen as a respected veteran who yearns for the big shot in the big game and is capable of leading a locker room and mentoring young players.

One not-so-obvious fit for the newly available veteran guard is the Miami Heat. LeBron James jumped into the Fisher conversation today when he stated, “ One thing you know about Derek Fisher is that he’s a winner; he’s not afraid of the moment and he’s won multiple championships … I don’t know what our plans are, but I don’t see it as a bad fit if it happens.” Not exactly an urgent plea to acquire Fisher’s skill set, but then again it could be a green light for a potential move too.

It’s been thought that Miami is shopping for a big man to help with interior defense and rebounding, but the opportunity to acquire a proven winner and big shot maker for a team that proved capable of pulling up limp in high pressure games last year could be tempting.

 Either way, Fisher better find a team quickly. Time is definitely not on this 37-year-old veteran’s side.