Rumor: ‘Soul Reaver’ Being Rebooted

Is Crystal Dynamics planning a relaunch of their Legacy of Kain series? Rumors suggest yes.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Website VG247 "has it on good authority" that Crystal Dynamics is hard at work on a reboot of the Legacy of Kain series. The new game would be a complete reworking of the series, including a new art direction, says the site.

As is the case with most rumors, VG247 doesn't reveal their source but claims it to be legit. They've even been told the game might be making its first appearance this year, possibly at E3 in June. But again, that isn't confirmed.

The Legacy of Kain series first saw the light of day back in 1996 for the PlayStation. That game starred a nobleman-turned-vampire named Kain, who set out on a crusade to kill his murderers and be restored to human form. Its sequel, Soul Reaver, released in 1999 and starred a new protagonist named Raziel. It's unknown if this relaunch will put Kain or Raziel in the starring role. However, if VG247's source is claiming this to be a reboot of Soul Reaver, then chances are good the star of the show will be Raziel. 

We'll be back with more info about this relaunch when we know it. Until then, sound off in the comments below to let us know if you want the Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver series rebooted.