Tim Tebow: Buyers Beware

This team could be the only logical landing spot for the former Bronco.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Peyton Manning has signed with the Denver Broncos and now the big question is, where do the Broncos send Tim Tebow?

Somebody will pick up Tebow, but it will be a decision made in the interest of selling jerseys, not winning games.  Some owner somewhere will demand that Tebow be signed so that his team can get some buzz, sell more tickets and cause a stir in the fan base. 

The Broncos will attempt to trade Tebow. But let's be realistic. They're not getting anything better than a 4th or 5th round pick.  It's very likely that Denver will be forced to just cut Tebow and focus on their current roster. 

Most coaches and coaching staffs in the NFL don't believe that Tebow has the tools to be a successful quarterback and no coach wants to change their entire offense to fit him like John Fox was forced to do in Denver last season.  They also don't want the hysteria that surrounds Tim Tebow on their team. Almost any place that he goes, there will be fans that will start chanting his name as soon as the starter throws an interception.

Any team that is looking for a new quarterback will be rumored as a landing spot for Tebow, but is there actually a good fit out there?

The only place I can see Tebow being a good acquisition is in New England.  If Tom Brady throws an interception, the fans won't be chanting for a backup (not the smart ones anyway).  Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was the coach that drafted Tebow in Denver, but he also traded Jay Cutler to the Bears so you have to wonder how good he is at evaluating talent.  And if the Patriots don't believe at any time that Tebow is viable at quarterback, they are a team that drafts well and are not afraid to cut a popular player.

Miami, Jacksonville, and Cleveland also have been mentioned as destinations for Tebow.  But one common thread between those teams is a recent history of bad football and mediocrity at best. Signing Tebow would just be another bad decision for a team known for making bad decisions