Ten Best SNL Digital Shorts

We take a look at the best of the best of the short digital sketch. 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

For as much discredit as Saturday Night Live has gotten in the past few seasons, there are still a few dozen individual characters and sketches that are some of the best that have ever been on TV. While I wouldn’t weigh this or any cast against the first few seasons on SNL (which is old enough now that most kids think it was cast with dinosaurs) I would say that some of the cast choices in the past few years have been absolute wins. Bill Hader, Bobby Moynihan, and Seth Meyers are pretty great, but it all starts and ends with Andy Samberg and his SNL Digital Shorts.

Please find humbly submitted here our picks for the 10 best of the SNL-DS (can we do that?) along with commentary from CraveOnline.com. You’ll note we’ve gone for some of the favorites and some of the “lesser knowns”. Did we not cover your choices? Let us know at CraveOnlineComedy@gmail.com and we’ll put up 10 more. Why? Because we love you. We really love you. It’s creepy, we hardly know each other.

Seducing Women Through Chess 


This is a more recent addition to the Digital Short family, and this sketch plays all the strengths. You’ve got a great repetitive sequence, with increasingly bizarre results. Plus Jason Segal as an amazingly funny hooker.




James Franco leads this look deep into madness and children's TV. You don’t get better parodies of Yo Gabba Gabba than anyone has ever done, and the last beat is easily a perfect ending. So everyone watch this sketch NOW!



Even though I’ve ranked it at #8 on this list, I would say this is my personal favorite because even if it doesn’t hold water against the others on this list, it’s still my kind of humor. Something about a Giant Turkey Sub is just way too perfect. Enjoy:



Ellen Page stars in a send up of all the best in horror cliché. Samberg is great here selling horror from the less the horrible. I also like the lovable family man Dracula.




A combination of high school satire and song parody, this sketch excels for the same perfect pacing and joke delivery we’ve seen in the previous sketches on this list. It also features Samberg as a singing jelly spill which is something you won’t ever forget.




A serious fan favorite this ode to bizarre twists and cocaine use is pretty amazing. Even the predictable ending is somehow extra hilarious. It’s probably the spit. 




One of the few sketches that really added a phrase to common parlance. If you haven’t been told to do something “like a boss” in the past year, you’re doing something wrong. This sketch is pretty consistent, and involves music, basically a win win. Like a boss.




Another sketch that etched itself into the minds of American viewers, this sketch contains music, and a great stab at the 90’s rap musical genre. It’s pretty amazing right down to the chorus. Check it out!




Talk about career making. This sketch managed to put Michael Bolton back on the map as well as go mega viral in hours. Is it because of its good writing? Or perhaps it’s because Bolton appears inexplicably in drag. Regardless this song/sketch is well worth a listen by anybody!





How could you not see this one coming? (pun not intended) This is the sketch that launched a thousand other sketches and basically made the SNL Digital Shorts the thing they are today. Perfectly crafted, catchy, and well developed (I love Maya Rudouph in this) it’s also just somehow smart, even if you don’t want it to be. Its various follow ups were equally good, but not worthy of this list as they were essentially “also rans”. Still when they sing, it’s always good. Enjoy dome "D in B" action:




SO there you have some great SNL Digital Short action. Is it the most definitive list ever made? Well, there is a lot of taste involved in what are and are not the best of the best. Still it’s worth looking back at some of these great sketches, and the rest of recent SNL. Some of these might surprise you! They’re all on HULU so get to getting! Wooo Hoo!