Joe Quesada on the Bendis Rumors

What is Brian Michael Bendis doing once he leaves the Avengers books? Joey Q gives us a vague hint.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Avengers Disassembled

This morning saw me at a press junket for the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon debuting April 1 on the Marvel Animation block on Disney XD. I'll have more on that later, but considering the fact that Brian Michael Bendis is a consultant on this show, when the opportunity arose, I had to ask Marvel's Chief Creative Office Joe Quesada about his recent statements. After announcing that he's leaving the Avengers books once Avengers vs. X-Men wraps up, the rumor was that he was taking over the X-books. Bendis responded on Twitter by saying it was "so much more" than that.

Of course, Quesada couldn't give specifics on what his plan is, but when asked about the talk that maybe he'll be moving up into some type of front office 'creative overseer' role for other media like Jeph Loeb and Quesada himself have done, this is what he said:

Let me put it to you as simply as I can. If he was, I wouldn't be able to tell you, and if he wasn't, I still can't tell you. Brian's staying very, very busy with us, and we're making sure that, at all times, he's by the keyboard, chained and typing away on stuff. He's got some big stuff coming up for us that's very, very important to us within the context of the overall Marvel business plan with respect to elevating characters, developing characters and stuff, so we manage to keep Brian very, very busy.


So, let's do what all fansites do and meticulously overthink this and pick apart his every word, shall we? Yes, he will still be writing stuff, but 'elevating characters' and 'overall Marvel business plan' would seem to indicate that 'other media beyond comics' notion.

Take from this what you will. We'll just assume there's an Ultimate Spider-Woman cartoon spinoff in the works – or maybe he's writing the Spider-Woman movie for Jon Favreau to direct.

We'll see. But there's a little bit of grist for the rumor mill.