Eddie Izzard Is The New Grandpa Munster

The comedian will star in and produce "The Munsters" update on NBC.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The late Al Lewis — who played the original Grandpa Munster on "The Munsters" in the '60s — once said that he was told that he was too old to play a 113 year old vampire in the '80s update of the show, "The Munsters Today." Nearly twenty five years later, the same part in the latest "Munsters" remake has gone to a 50 year old comedian.

TVLine is reporting that Eddie Izzard is in final negotiations for NBC's high profile update of "The Munsters," which has been renamed "Mockingbird Lane" to separate it from the original comedy and play up the more dramatic aspects of the show. "Mockingbird Lane" has previously been described as "'True Blood' meets 'Modern Family.'"

Izzard will portray Grandapa Munster in the update and he will also produce the potential series. The network's description of Grandpa says that he is "the Munster family patriarch, a powerful, ancient vampire with an irrepressible twinkle in his eye. He can shapeshift into rats, wolves, and other creatures at will, but he’s also dapper and charming in a fedora; he is a Don Juan-type womanizer with penchant for flashy, sexy outfits."

No stranger to TV, Izzard starred in two seasons of "The Riches" on FX in addition to roles in several feature films, including "Mystery Men," "Across the Universe," "Shadow of the Vampire," "Valkyrie," "Ocean's Twelve" and "Ocean's Thirteen."

The "Mockingbird Lane" pilot was written and developed by "Pushing Daisies" creator, Bryan Fuller and it is slated to be directed by Bryan Singer ("The Usual Suspects"). Production of the pilot episode is expected to begin in June.

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