TechKnow: Powerbag

Miley gets her hands on the extremely useful Powerbag!

Becky Youngby Becky Young

Have you ever been out and about and run out of juice in your phone or tablet? Well, the Powerbag is just what you need. Also, find out what our app of the week is all in Episode #3 of TechKnow!

Equipped with a complete charging system — battery, Apple connector, Micro- and Mini-USB connectors and an on-board USB port – Powerbag is ready to charge up to 4 devices at once anywhere, anytime. One Powerbag charge will boost the average smartphone at least 2X, and having the most common connectors out there means HUNDREDS of devices are covered. Even eReaders and tablets can be topped off! Plus with exclusive designs by fūl, carry everything you need in looks that suit your style.

Let me just say – I own one of these and I use it EVERY day.   I actually got myself the tablet messenger bag and I use it as a purse.  Check out their full line of products.

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