SOUTHLAND 4.10 ‘Thursday’

Tang rides out her last day with Cooper while Sherman goes on the hunt for Ronnie.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'Thursday'

Writer: Jonathan Lisco

Director: Christopher Chulack


Detective Adams (Regina King) meets with her doctor, who to her surprise, tells Adams it's up to her how much time she wants to take off the job. Back at the precinct, Adams tells Detective Fernandez that she's pregnant, however she already knows. At first, Fernandez insists she take a desk job but Adams convinces her superior officer to let her handle a double homicide case.

Adams interviews two witnesses of the double murders, which also sent two children to the burn unit. When one of the children comes out of a coma, Adams steels herself and gets a statement from the child. Afterwards, she rushes out to the hospital roof to try and pull herself together. When she returns to Fernandez' office, Adams gives her a letter from the doctor asking to take the duration of her pregnancy off, for fear the horrors she's witnessing might affect her unborn child. Afterwards, Adams informs the married father of her child that she is pregnant but has no plans to disrupt his life.

At the morning briefing, the officers are tasked with finding an ex-con who killed his parole officer. However, Sherman (Benjamin McKenzie) is set on tracking down Ronnie. He finds Ronnie's daughter, Danielle hiding out at a motel and takes her to a shelter. Ferguson (Lou Diamond Philips) soon realizes that Sherman is on the hunt for Ronnie, not the man who killed the parole officer.

They find Amber and Sherman threatens to keep her from seeing Danielle if she doesn't give up Ronnie's location. Ferguson agrees to stay on the shift though he warns his partner not to take matters into his own hands.

The officers find Ronnie in an apartment complex and Sherman chases him down an alley way. He shoots him dead just before Ferguson catches up to him. When backup arrives, Ferguson tells the officers that Ronnie pulled a gun on Sherman.

Sherman puts Daniela on a bus headed for Texas and tells Amber he sent her daughter away. Unaware Ronnie's been shot, Amber warns Sherman that he will retaliate. Later, Sherman and a recovering Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) relax at a pool party and Sherman is congratulated for taking Ronnie out.

Tang (Lucy Liu) and Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) head out for her last day on the beat. They pull over a teenager for nearly sideswiping their patrol car. Tang lets the kid go with a warning after making him perform a Nicki Minaj song in front of a school.

The two respond to call of a robbery at a car wash. While Tang attends to a shooting victim at the scene, Cooper goes after the perp. Shots are fired and Cooper takes out the robber.

That night, the officers celebrate Tang's promotion at the bar. As Cooper leaves, Tang sarcastically thanks him for praising her in his speech. He tells her she put his life at risk when she stayed with the civilian at the carwash. Tang responds by suggesting Cooper is really just upset about her shooting the teen with the toy gun. He accuses of her lying about the safety tip on the gun and she in turn makes a comment about "glass houses," referring to Cooper's past with drugs. He admits to being an addict and working to better himself. Tang suggests he's playing the role of God and gives him the orange tip before heading back inside.

The next day, Tang address the officers at her first briefing as sergeant as Cooper takes on a new rookie partner. When his partner points out the orange tip on his keychain, Cooper says it's for good luck.


"What kind of cop are you?" This is the question "Southland's" season four finale posed to the officers we ride along with, each week. We've seen their character tested, time and time again. Some rise above while others prove that a badge and a uniform aren't all it takes to be a good cop.

In "Thursday," Tang appeared to be a peace with her actions in the shooting of an innocent teenager. But while she can sleep at night and even accept a questionable promotion to sergeant, Cooper can't let it go. But as he attempts to act as Tang's moral compass, Cooper's past indiscretions come to light. Though I fully support Cooper's assessment of Tang, it was only a matter of time before she called him out on his own mistakes.

For Tang, it seems the end justifies the means. That's the kind of cop she is. Cooper, on the other hand, understands the need to check himself. As he told Tang, it's something he struggles with everyday but unlike her, he's in touch with the reality of his situation. He's an addict and she's a liar. Which kind of cop would you rather have patrolling your streets?

Meanwhile, Sherman's earnest desire to help Daniella, the daughter of a prostitute and a pimp, is getting personal. Having Bryant laid up in the hospital after a drive-by isn't helping. In the end, Sherman got his man and presumably saved Daniella by sending her back to Texas. Despite the advice from Bryant and Ferguson, Sherman can't help but see things through. However, his actions were dangerously above and beyond the call of duty.

As for Adams, she's finally come to terms with the fact that she's not Superwoman. And she's started to realize the effect her job might be having on her unborn son. Taking a statement from a child covered in bandages in the burn unit proved to be too much for her. Still, I can't help but wonder if it's her baby or herself Adams is trying to protect.

"Thursday" was a solid finish for this fourth season of "Southland." Sherman took out Ronnie, Adams finally took her leave and Tang's story-arc came to a conclusion as Cooper was saddled with another rookie.

And that's probably for the best. Cooper has the ability to influence a young cop with his by-the-book approach to law enforcement. But for someone like Tang, it's too late. She decided what kind of cop she was going to be a long time ago.