Axe Cop Volume 3: Bat Warthog Man

He's defeated Bad Guy Earth. Can Axe Cop possibly defeat The Invisible Bad Guy King Planet 2?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Axe Cop Vol. 3

Look, here's the thing. The only purpose a review of Axe Cop can possibly serve is to let you know that Axe Cop exists and that there's a new Axe Cop item available in stores. Once you know what Axe Cop is, you're either sold or you're not, and if you're not sold, you are somebody that nobody wants to know.

Axe Cop is a comic series about a cop with an axe who chops the heads off of bad guys. The latest collection is Axe Cop Volume 3. The concept and stories in it are written by a 6-year-old boy named Malachai Nicolle and are illustrated by his highly talented 30-year-old brother Ethan Nicolle. The result is deliriously insane action comedy madness.

Axe Cop's best friends are Dinosaur Soldier, a dog named Ralph Wrinkles and Sockarang, a superhero whose arms are socks. He also has a pet T-rex with machine gun arms and sunglasses named Wexler.

This collection starts off with an epic meeting with Bat Warthog Man, whose friends have all been captured and are being held prisoner on The Invisible Bad Guy King Planet 2.

One of the allies they bring on the trip is Army Chihuahua, who was once a man and could turn back into a man at any time he is not ready to fight, which is almost never.

This is a panel in the origin story of Army Chihuahua:

Axe Cop Volume 3


You now know everything you need to know to decide whether or not you will enjoy Axe Cop, and the answer is, of course, yes. You will laugh hard and often.

Not only is the Bat Warthog Man story in Axe Cop Volume 3, but you'll also get Ask Axe Cop strips #43-70 as originally published (along with the rest of the materials collected here) at, a team-up story with Chris Hastings' Dr. McNinja, special Halloween and Christmas-themed Axe Cop adventures, a somewhat disconcerting episode where Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier babysit the Uni-baby, and a slew of guest creators trying their hand at Axe Cop tales – some of them also consulting young siblings or offspring to concoct new stories. Peppered throughout are Ethan's commentaries on the writing process with a 6-year-old and how particular characters and events came to pass. There's even a page of Malachai trying to do the art duties for once, but he got bored very quickly. However, his imagination never stops, and there are even stories not set in Axe Cop's universe – namely, the Secret Agent Brothers, Little Chuchu and Jack & John: Zombie Vampire Killers.

At one point, Axe Cop chops off 1000 bad guy heads at once.

At another point, Dinosaur Soldier gets Viking blood on him and turns into Viking Cop.

When Axe Cop hears "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, he starts to dance with Baby Man, a man whose superhero costume is that of a big baby, and his face is the baby's mouth.

Come on. This stuff is true, distilled comics. It justifies and validates the entire medium and everything that's uproariously joyous about it. Imagination set loose, and it goes absolutely crazy. Love it.