Podcast Review: Talkin’ $h*t w/ Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft

Get the skinny on the raunciest (and funniest) podcast that makes your heavy drinking look like recess. 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Do you like bizarre stories about orgies gone wrong? About drinking binges that take you from a simple night out to a fever dream of flying fists and drug rampages? Of course you do. This week we listed to “TalkinS hit” (no, that’s not a typo) with comedians Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft!

If you haven’t heard of Jim Jefferies by now, you’re missing out. He’s an Aussie-born comedic lunatic with a story for every bizarre occasion from being the odd-man-out at an orgy to being held hostage at gunpoint. Get on board with this guy because he’s bound for some big things! Co-host and fellow standup, Eddie Ifft is just as fun to listen to. You might have seen him on Comedy Central or Last Comic Standing. If Jefferies is the GG Allin of comedy, then Ifft is Iggy Pop.  The duo talks about comedy, sex, drinking, sex, life on the road, sex, drugs, stories, and more sex.

The show features some great guests from the world of comedy like Rick Shapiro, TJ Miller, Bert Kreischer, and Ari Shaffir (and let’s not forget to mention a few adult film starlets *wink*).

Have at look at all the fun these guys are having:

As always, you can find their podcast on iTunes. The best part about it that these guys put out a new episode twice or more every week! If that doesn’t keep you from road raging on your way to work, nothing else can! Did we mention it’s free?


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