Meet the ‘Dream Machines’ Team

The stars of Syfy's latest original series make the fantastic vehicles of film and TV into reality.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Have you ever seen a car on TV or in a movie and desperately wished it could be yours? Who hasn't fallen in love with the DeLorean from "Back to the Future;" KITT from "Knight Rider," James Bond's Aston Martin or even the endless variations of Batman's Batmobile?

Marc and Shanon Parker not only share your love, they can take those famous vehicles and make them into a reality. Together, Marc and Shanon co-founded Parker Brothers Custom Choppers in Florida; where as the name implies, they take the impossible and make it to order. Among numerous custom projects, the Parker brothers have recreated "Eleanor" from "Gone in 60 Seconds" and they've also built working versions of the Light Cycle from "Tron: Legacy" and the Bat Pod from "The Dark Knight."  

On Tuesday, April 10; the Parkers will bring their respective talents to Syfy in "Dream Machines," a new reality series slatted to run for six episodes in its first season. The series will follow the Parker brothers as they take on the most imaginative vehicles from comics, TV and film before turning them into workable creations in the real world.


Marc Parker

Marc Parker is the engineering genius of the two brothers…

Shanon Parker

…while Shanon Parker is the man who designs the cars. In short, that means that whatever Shanon dreams up, Marc has to find a way to make it actually work. The duo consult with each other on every project and their stated goal is "to become Hollywood's go-to-guys when it comes to designing and building movie and television cars and bikes." 

But making these creations is far more than just a two man job. Fortunately, Marc and Shanon have assembled an impressive team that will round out the cast of "Dream Machines":

Dean Cummings

Dean Cummings is the man who gets the parts, materials, tools and equipment for each custom project, making him one of the most vital members of the team.

Ron Sarnes

Although Ron Sarnes is relatively new to the world of custom cars, he is a Wyotech certified mechanic who can build almost anything that can be conceived as a vehicle.  

Donny Barnes Jr.

Donny Barnes Jr. is also one of the Parker Brothers' go-to-guys when it comes to drafting and design for each project, as he brings over 20 years of mechanical and auto body experience to each of their custom builds.

Jon Conner

Former pro wrestler Jon Conner is the resident master of the FlowJet machine, which is a critical aspect of the Parkers' custom vehicles.

Paul Frommann III

Paul Frommann III (sometimes known as "Fro") juggles many tasks for the Parkers, including maintenance and fabrication. Fro also does anything that he has to keep the shop running, even if it means sweeping the floors.

Nathan "Turbo" Guthrie

Nathan "Turbo" Guthrie is the youngest member of the Parkers' team, as he learns the art of fabrication from some of the best in the business.

Jeff Halverson

Behind the scenes, Jeff Halverson runs the day-to-day operations of Parker Brothers Custom Choppers; dealing with everything from high end clients to maintaining relationships with the venders.

Karen Parker

Meanwhile, Shanon's wife, Karen Parker also plays a key role by acting as the receptionist for the shop, in addition handling the publicity photography herself and raising three kids with Shanon.

Betty Gentry

And keeping it a family affair is Betty Gentry, the mother of Marc and Shanon who acts the office manager and bookkeeper for Parker Brothers Custom Choppers. Betty is the engine that keeps the shop moving, as she helps her sons pursue their dreams of making the impossible a reality.

Join the Parker family and their team for "Dream Machines," which is coming to Syfy on Tuesday, April 10 at 10pm!