Simon Pegg Supports Campaign for Shaun of the Dead Lego

Pegg urges fans to make Lego notice Yatkuu's cool creations.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Simon Pegg was on Conan earlier this week and during the interview the subject of Yatkuu's unofficial Shaun of the Dead Lego came up. As a geek who somehow managed to avoid all the internet buzz surrounding this, I now can't think of anything more I want on my computer desk than a Lego recreation of the Winchester. Seriously, watch the video below (they discuss the Lego at around 3:30):

As Pegg says in the video, Yatkuu's creation needs 10,000 supporters on the Lego Cuusoo web page, with the figure currently sitting at a healthy 7,575. Click right here to help make this awesome idea a reality – if not for yourself, then for my tidy, lonely, Winchester-less computer desk. Seriously, click here. Click here and then here, but then click here. Then tell your friends to click here.