8 Funny Drunks Getting Arrested

You have the right to remain hilarious.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Never drink and drive. Drinking and driving puts lives at risk. There’s also the danger of waking up in jail, checking your cell phone, and finding out you have a million hits on YouTube for saying or doing something really, really stupid. Here are videos of 8 funny drunks getting arrested:


Bohemian Rhapsody

The back of a police car is the perfect venue for karaoke.


Itchy Nuts

Is there something funny about ball itchiness?


Scissor Lift

It’s like a real life episode of Arrested Development.


Gold Prospector

He’s panning for trouble!


The Tape Trick

Gets ‘em everytime.


Mr. Turner Takes The Physical Performance Test

How many times you say “motherf*cker” is actually part of the test.


Lawn Mower

Steve’s back, you guys! Good ol’ Steve.



Seems legit.


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