Eddie Murphy Joins Schwarzenegger and DeVito for Twins Sequel

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to comedy in a news story that sounds like an early April Fool's joke.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


And to think, we were actually surprised by that Midnight Run sequel a week ago. 

The the early morning came the announcement today that Universal is developing a sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first (intentionally) comedic role, if you don't count the action comedy Red Heat from earlier that year. (We don't.) He played Julius Benedict, a super genius bodybuilder, conceived by an experimental eugenics process that also spawned a diminuitive twin played by Danny DeVito. Naturally, they teamed up to take down a gang of criminals, and at one point drove a car on only its two side wheels, which happened a lot in the 80s but seems to gone out of fashion. The film was a big hit, so a sequel was inevitable. Odd that we're getting it 25 years after the fact.

Hollywood Reporter indicates that the follow up will co-star Eddie Murphy as a heretofore unknown triplet of Schwarzenegger and DeVito's characters. It seems like that's enough of a concept to green light the sequel, which doesn't even have a script yet. Universal is out to writers to develop the concept. The film's original director, Ivan Reitman, is only committed to producing the project. We presume Brett Ratner will be involved shortly.

Could Triplets possibly turn into a good movie? Anything's possible, but we're not so sure about this one. With Schwarzenegger and DeVito's characters coming to terms at the end of the first feature, it seems like Triplets would simply focus on two brothers finding out they have another one, which is pretty generic beyond the fact that it's Eddie Murphy. The whole thing reeks of Blues Brothers 2000, which no movie, really, should ever have to reek of.

CraveOnline will be back with more Twins news after we Google old pin-up photos of Kelly Preston. Rawr.