Which TV Shows Should Migrate To Netflix?

We share your picks for which television series deserve a second life on the streaming service.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Over the last year, Netflix has signaled that it wants to jump into creating original content for its streaming service in part to compete against premium cable networks and to attract new subscribers. Among the many new series on the way to Netflix are "House of Cards" starring Kevin Spacey and a ten episode revival of the cult sitcom, "Arrested Development."

Within the last month, Netflix has even indicated interest in possibly picking up "Terra Nova" and "The River," after both heavily hyped series failed to live up to the blockbuster ratings that their respective networks wanted. And while "The River" may still survive, "Terra Nova" has been cancelled by Fox and it was recently turned down by Netflix after negotiations went nowhere.

Last week, CraveOnline ran a poll with five of the most popular bubble series on TV and asked you which shows should find a new home on Netflix. And the voting was particularly tight among the top three shows, with the fourth pick only a few votes behind them as well. Each of these TV series has a small and devoted following, making them a smart pickup if they don't return to their respective networks.

Here are the results of your vote:


5 The River

Voting percentage: 13%

Out of all of the series on this list, "The River" actually has the best chance of landing on Netflix since preliminary negotiations to make that happen are still alive (for now). ABC hasn't even officially cancelled it yet, but that's considered to be largely a formality. "The River" has some passionate fans, but it came in pretty far behind the other shows on this poll.

4 Alcatraz

Voting percentage: 20.5%

"Alcatraz" was the early leader in this poll until support dropped off in recent days. That's kind of a metaphor for the show's network audience as well. "Alcatraz" deputed to respectable numbers and then kept on declining. The season finale last Monday was also the lowest rated episode of the series; which doesn't bode well for it's renewal chances.

Again, there is a small group of people who don't want to escape The Rock, and it did fairly well in this poll. But ultimately, there are other shows that people love more.

3 Terra Nova

Voting percentage: 21.3%

"Terra Nova" finished only an eyelash behind number two on our list, with a very strong showing. The downside is that Netflix has already rejected it; which severely limits "Terra Nova's" chances for a miraculous renewal. Given "Terra Nova's" popularity among families, it could have been a tremendous boost for Netflix… but it would have also been extremely expensive.

On Fox, "Terra Nova" boasted one of the biggest budgets on TV. That would be hard to replicate on any cable network, much less Netflix.

2 Community

Voting percentage: 21.5%

Congratulations Greendale Human Beings!

"Community" narrowly edged out "Terra Nova" for second place on our poll. But the best news is that in the three episodes since its return to NBC, "Community" has been one of NBC's top programs on Thursday night. Of course the overall numbers for NBC on that night are fairly low, but what do you expect when the network is in last place?

Quality does count and that's why most of NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup is expected to come back next year. If "Community" fans keep on tuning in with the same numbers from the last few weeks, then we'll all enroll in another year at Greendale in the fall.

1 Fringe

Voting percentage: 23.7%

"Fringe" fans are among the most dedicated followers of any TV series. Unfortunately, that fact doesn't always show up in the ratings.

There are currently no known talks between the producers of "Fringe" and Netflix, but the recent cancellation of "Terra Nova" and the poor performance of "Alcatraz" has raised the possibility that "Fringe" may return for a fifth and final season of 13 episodes. And if for some reason, Fox chooses not to make that deal than Netflix should definitely swoop in and make an offer. "Fringe" isn't nearly as expensive as "Terra Nova" or "The River;" and if it found a new home online then who is to say that it has to end with season five?

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