Charity Wakefield Joins NBC’s ‘Munsters’ Revival

Wakefield will move into "Mockingbird Lane" as the new Marilyn.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In the original version of "The Munsters," the family had a niece named Marilyn (Pat Priest); whose beauty and seemingly normal nature made her stand out among her apparently monstrous relatives.

According to Deadline, British actress Charity Wakefield has joined NBC's upcoming reboot of "The Munsters;" which has been renamed "Mockingbird Lane" in part to emphasize the more dramatic take on the concept.

Wakefield will portray Marilyn Munster in this new incarnation; which also gives her a new backstory. In the show, Marilyn is Lily's niece and she was saved from being eaten by her own mother when she was a baby. Marilyn is in college by the time "Mockingbird Lane" starts and she seems to have a good relationship with her Aunt Lily, her Uncle Herman and their son, Eddie. However, Marilyn is said to regularly clash with Grandpa Munster, the family patriarch.

Last week, British comedian Eddie Izzard signed on to play Grandpa Munster and produce the project as well. The reboot of "The Munsters" was envisioned by "Pushing Daisies" creator, Bryan Fuller with "X-Men" director, Bryan Singer set to helm the pilot episode.

Wakefield is primarily known in her native Britain, where she starred in "Rapunzel," "Sense and Sensibility" and "Day of the Flowers" among other projects. Wakefield was also previously cast in the lead of David E. Kelley's legal drama pilot, "Legally Mad;" which did not get picked up to series.

Casting for the rest of the Munsters family is expected to take place soon.

Photo Credit: Retts Wood