Podcast Review: Hollywood Babble-On w/ Kevin Smith!

What makes Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman tick? Come and see…

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

In case you haven’t noticed, filmmaker and poop-joke aficionado, Kevin Smith (Clerks, Red State) likes to talk. And no one is his contemporary when it comes to pulling apart the irreverent idiosyncrasies of the movie biz. Ralph Garman (Family Guy) is a booze-fueled, justice-bent, avenger set out to take down the irreverent idiosyncrasies of the movie biz. What’s not to like? You can hear them every week on their show, Hollywood Babble-On on the Smodcast Podcast Network.

Have a little listen:


Recorded from the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal City, Los Angeles, Ralph and Kev dissect Hollywood news, rumors, releases, and celebs. It’s like if Gene Shalit smoked a bunch of pot and was obsessed with ass play. The show’s been running over a year now and the hosts have the format down to a strict science with such classic and hilarious bits as “How Big is Liam Neeson’s C*ck?” and “Anne Heche’s Butthole” (a scientific and introspective look at the celeb’s holiest of holies), and not to mention a healthy amount of weekly geek news.

When Smith is out of town, look for a few great guests to take his place like Bill Burr, Catherine Reitman, or Jon Lovitz himself.

It’s definitely worth a listen. Check it out at Smodcast.com or download for free on iTunes!


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