Golfer Misses 1-Foot Putt, Loses Major

This golfer set herself up for one of the greatest fails of all time.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

As 'Happy Gilmore' best put it, "sometimes you just have to 'tap it in, just…tap it in'." Such was the case that women's golfer I.K. Kim found herself in on Sunday when all she needed to win the Kraft Nabisco Championship was to 'tap in' a gimme; a one-foot put on the 18th hole to seal the victory.

Unfortunately, Kim didn't quite heed the 'in' part of the advice as her 'gimme' put lipped out, putting her in a playoff situation with Sun Young Yoo. Rattled by the miss, Kim would lose the first playoff hole and finish second in the tournament.

"We are told all the time, don't let it just be a formality," Golf Channel on-course announcer Judy Rankin said. "Go through your little routine and make sure you roll the ball in the center of the hole…You have to get yourself up for the playoff. You can't let what happened on 18 affect how you play in the playoff. And so often, it does."

The short whiff on 18 was made even more improbable by Kin's great play heading into the hole. She went birdie-birdie in the previous two holes to scratch out that one shot lead only to lose it in the most improbable of ways.

Sports, as a whole, is a series of moments ranging from the best to the worst and we, as fans, are often put in the place of ranking these highs and lows into the context of history. Sometimes we tend to overreact to current events, placing what's before our eyes ahead of moments that happened before we were fans.

This miss, however, is safe to be placed in the 'greatest fails ever' list somewhere near the top. To miss a one foot put on the 18th hole to lose a Major's tournament…well, it doesn't get much worse than that.

The missed put and eventual second place victory cost Kim $117,462 . She maid $182,538 for second rather than the $300,000 main prize.


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