Batmobiles United!

[VIDEO] All five unique Batmobiles, together for the first time ever. We interview the builders and experts, and uncover some Dark Knight Rises spoilers.

Brad Hansenby Brad Hansen

Batmobiles United!

For a mere two hours last weekend, the lucky bystanders at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, CA were able to witness five of the most glorious vehicles to ever grace the silver screen, united in public for the first time in history. Warner Bros had brought together their Batmobiles for a special feature on the upcoming Dark Knight Rises home video release. By why wait? Crave Online was there to capture it all on video-

Vehicles in attendance included the Adam West Batmobile (TV series and Batman: The Movie– 1966), Michael Keaton's ride (Batman– 1989 and Batman Returns– 1992), Val Kilmer's car (Batman Forever– 1995), George Clooney's single-seat Batmobile (Batman and Robin– 1997), and Christian Bale's "Tumbler" (Batman Begins– 2005, The Dark Knight– 2008, and The Dark Knight Rises– 2012).

All the Batmobiles were the actual screen-used vehicles, with the exception of the 1966 car, which was a replica created by original designer George Barris that appears in the 2001 film Rock Star.

Opening music provided by Ben Chrisman.