A New Judd

Chris Judd has changed his game and AFL apologises to Melbourne coach for racism allegations.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The 2012 AFL season is in full swing but former Brownlow Medalist and Carlton Blues superstar Chris Judd is sporting a new look.

Judd told the Herald Sun that he altered his running patterns in order to maximize his efficiency.

He claimed that in the past he hadn’t been so tough to defend and as teams experimented with different tactics around stoppages, his play had dropped off as a result.

Judd’s new running set wasn’t exactly on full display last Thursday night when the Blues took on and defeated Richmond in both sides season opener. He only registered, a modest for him, 26 disposals (with only 8 of them being kicks) and scored less than 100 Supercoach points, causing fans and fantasy owners to scratch their heads in confusion alike.

Whatever has held Judd back last week and in 2011 surely won’t keep the champ down for long but as vital piece in the Carlton midfield, he hopefully will return to Brownlow form soon.

In other AFL news, the league has apologized to Melbourne coach Mark Neeld after an AFL employee allegedlyproduced false racism allegations to a league reporter.

AFL commentator and former coach Grant Thomas brought the rumours to light earlier in the week when he reported that Neeld refused to address Aboriginal players individually and only as a group.

The AFL employee has been “reprimanded and counseled” for sparking the unfounded rumours.

The Melbourne coach complained to Thomas directly after the article went online and was reported to be disappointed such things had been said about him.