Amazon Instant Video Comes to PS3

PlayStation owners can now access Amazon's expansive video service from their console. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


There's a surprise waiting for PlayStation 3 users under the "TV/Video Services" tab of their console's cross-media bar. Amazon has released, under the radar I might add, an app for their Amazon Instant Video service.

The app is a 19 MB download which opens up a slew of movies and television shows for purchase and rent to stream through your PlayStation 3. Furthermore, if you're a Amazon Prime subscriber, you'll have deeper access to the service's inner workings. 

Microsoft has been making quite a few waves recently with the launch of HBO Go, and Xfinity on Xbox 360. Sony definitely needed something to get the attention away from Microsoft's mega-media box. Amazon Instant Video is definitely a step in the right direction.