Baseball Player Vomits His Way To DL

This Colorado Rockie strains oblique muscle after excessive vomiting.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Move over Sammy Sosa and Mat Losas–two baseball players who injured themselves through sneezing–you have a new member to the 'oddest way to get injured' club.

Colorado Rockies pitcher Josh Outman, who made the Rockies' squad as a left handed reliever, was placed on the disabled list on Wednesday due to straining an oblique muscle after excessive vomiting.

That's right, this 27-year-old Major League pitcher may have coughed up his chance with the Rockies due to violent vomiting, thanks to some grub he received from a popular 24-hour food restaurant.

While it hasn't been stated that Outman has lost his spot, the injury has prevented him from throwing and has forced manager Jim Tracy to take a different direction with the slot.

"The food poisoning, there was a lot of vomiting and I really believe he strained his oblique," Tracy said. "He's been much better over the last couple of days but he hasn't been able to throw. We haven't been able to get him to the mound. So we're just going to err on the side of caution."

Outman's unique injury will follow him for the rest of his career, at least in a joking sense, and he now joins a somewhat dubious list of professional athletes who were injured in not so professional ways.

Here are a few other athletes who are on that list:

*In 2004, Sammy Sosa was speaking to reporters in the locker room before a game in San Diego. He sneezed twice, and they were so powerful that they caused spasms and a sprained ligament in his lower back, sidelining him for a full month.

*In 2003, Jaguars punter Chris Hanson axed his own foot when trying to enact some symbolism that head coach Jack Del Rio had concocted. Hanson missed the entire season.

*In 2006, Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya had to miss and appearance in the American League Championship Series due to a sore right wrist. This injury was not caused by throwing but by excessive playing of 'Guitar Hero' on his PlayStation 2.