DC Announces National Comics Anthology Series

DC revives its old moniker for a new series of stand-alone books focusing on obscure DCU characters.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

National Comics: Eternity

Once upon a time, DC was called National Comics. After that name change, there was an anthology series in the 1940s called National Comics that introduced eventual DC characters like Uncle Sam and Max Mercury. Now, the title is getting revived this July as a new anthology series for the New 52 era, giving us one-shot stories reintroducing us to some obscure characters.

Here's the run-down of what we're going to get in this effort.

Eternity, written by Animal Man and Frankenstein scribe Jeff Lemire with art from Cully Hammer, focusing on a coroner-cum-clumsy-detective named Christopher Freeman who gains the ability to resurrect the dead long enough to help them find justice for their murderers.

Madame X, from writer Rob Williams and artist Trevor Hairsine, giving us the story of a psychic consultant to a law firm using tarot cards to help lawyers gather quality evidence for their trials.

Rose and Thorn, by Tom Taylor and Neil Googe, about Rose Canton and her Jekyll-and-Hyde personality issues with her vengeful side.

Looker, from Ian Edington and Mike S. Miller, showing us Emily Briggs, a model-turned-vampire stalking the ugly underbelly of the fashion industry to find the creep who turned her.


Some interesting ideas there, certainly. Here's the cover of Eternity, so's ya knows what to look for when it hits stores.