The B-Movies Podcast: Richard Elfman & Ego Plum

The director and co-composer of Forbidden Zone 2 get drunk and give us the scoop on a sequel 30 years in the making. You won't believe your ears.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


On a very special bonus episode of The B-Movies Podcast, William "Bibbs" Bibbiani (CraveOnline's Film Channel Editor) and Professor Witney Seibold are joined by Richard Elfman and Ego Plum!

You know Richard Elfman as the director of the cult classics Forbidden Zone and Shrunken Heads, and the co-founder of Oingo Boingo (along with his brother, Danny Elfman). You know Ego Plum as the brainchild behind The Ebola Music Orchestra, and now the co-composer of Forbidden Zone 2 (along with Danny Elfman). We've got them on hand – and very, very drunk – to give out all the details on the sequel 30 years in the making, and offer a retrospective on Shrunken Heads, 30 Days to Vegas and Streets of Rage (even though that last one was actually directed by Aristide Sumatra). And you won't believe the stories Richard Elfman's got for you: acid trips with Ken Kesey, illicit stories about then-Governor Bill Clinton, and the time he got this close to starring in a 1970s porno movie… which was called on account of rain.

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