5 Videos of Animals Plotting World Domination

The animal apocalypse is coming...

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

The animal uprising is inevitable. We've spent so many years using camels to transport us across deserts, forcing horses to race one another and teaching dogs to fetch our slippers that they will eventually evolve to the point where they can politely inform us to go f*** ourselves, before joining forces and plotting world domination.

There is already evidence of this in several YouTube videos, but we humans are an arrogant species who just laugh them off as "cute" and "funny". But they're not cute and funny. They're very, very serious. Here are 5 such videos that you must analyse carefully in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming animal takeover:


The Chicken Swarm

Many will proclaim that this flock of chickens are chasing the crying child for the bag of food he is holding, but there is a different motive in play here. The chickens, knowing that the surrounding humans will believe that they are pursuing the child purely for the food within his grasp, are actually using the child in order to keep themselves fit for the day when they are required to pursue adult humans. We're onto you, chickens.


The Animal Anthem

Every army has its own anthem used to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and the Animal Revolution is no different. Although his lack of opposable thumbs prevents this song from being anything other than a tuneless mess, by the time the animals have taken over this will be the only music you will be allowed to listen to by order of our evil cat overlord Mr. Whiskers.


The Ninja Cat That Steals Fish Sticks

Why does your pet cat return to your house? For your love? For your hugs? For your warm, beaming smile? No. Your pet cat returns to your house for your food. And if your pet cat can cut out of the middle man and get the food for itself like Ninja Cat here, then it won't be long before you're deemed obsolete.


The 'Pleasant' Waving Bear

At first you may think that this bear is just being friendly to those driving past, but look closer… he's actually mimicking them. Why is he doing this? Well, it's evident that this particular bear has evolved to the point where he understands basic human communication. This means that eventually bears will be able to fully understand and make contact with humans, making them large, vicious (but still cuddly) informants that will be integral to the Animal Revolution.


Gorilla Walking… Like a MAN.

At this moment in time we are unsure how exactly a gorilla with a better posture will in any way benefit the Animal Revolution, but if Rise of the Planet of the Apes it's that as soon as this gorilla starts wearing a cardigan, s*** is about to go DOWN.