Surprise! They’re Making a Crysis 3

OK… this should surprise no one, actually.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Earlier this morning, EA accidentally flipped a switch they shouldn't have on their Origin service and prematurely revealed Crysis 3 is on the way to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Along with the accidental confirmation, the box art was also posted online for the world to see, including our nanosuit-wearing hero sporting a badass compound bow (see image above).

Now the question you should ask yourself: is this at all surprising? No. We knew developer Crytek was going to make a third entry in the Crysis series, it was just a matter of time before it was announced. That full, official announcement should be happening in the coming weeks, starting with this month's issue of Game Reactor, if teases by the magazine are to be trusted. 

I'm positive we'll then see a blowout online of details, trailers and screenshots welcoming Crysis 3 into the world shortly thereafter. Thus is the way this system works. But for now, enjoy the badass imagery above and the soothing notion that you will be playing another Crysis game some time down the road.