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What’s better than sepia tone? These videos!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Special thanks to mark Zuckerberg for buying one of my favorite apps and not screwing it up (yet), and hi to my new Android followers on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram as @SamProof


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Dailymotion  – Too Late (link)

Did Halloween come early and I just don’t know about it? This amazing transformation comes with a nice M Knight Shamalamandingdong twist as well.


Break  – Snack Man Casually Breaks Up Fight (link)

Good Samaritan or man so busy enjoying the ridges of his ruffles that the world outside just doesn’t matter.



Comedy Central – Sexy Teen Murder Lake (link)

I’m really not sure what’s up with Comedy Central playing 4 year old videos on it’s front page, but I guess they’re still trying to figure out what to do with having acquired atom films and dropping the ball.

Though in this classic Waverly Films short, Donald Glover shows you a man’s best friend is his serial killer.


College Humor – Rap Teacher 3 (with Hoodie Allen) (link)

So for some reason the boys at College Humor seem to have mixed up who gets all the annoying rolls and who doesn’t , in what I can only guess is some kind of backwards day Jake and Amir sketch.


Dorkly – BurgerTime Chef Gets a New Job (link)

Burger TIME! Your know sometimes it’s hard adapting from an old job to a new one. Especially when they’re really similar and basicly the same job with just a different set of meaningless rules… don’t walk across the food, don’t make it three times as big as the customer. You wouldn’t tell Mario not to kill Koopa’s or Samus not to spin and destroy!


UCB Comedy – The New Rules of Fight Club (link)


Even Fight Club is not immune to a few changes brought on by the ever growing amount of members, which of course there shouldn’t be be. Special shout out to my buddy Scott Davis, who sticks around through out all the rules to win the ultimate fight club winning thing, Snickerdoodles! (SPOILER ALERT)


Funny Or Die – The Filtered Network (link)

The world, well the web world, is all a twitter over facebook buying instagram for One Billion Dollars! *pink to mouth corner* and hey I love me some instagram myself, and fear the possible implications a facebook change might bring… like some kind of filter that adds cowboy hats to everything or, a massive spherize that turns all my sushi in to bloated stretched out pregnant pixels of doom.

In that vein, this amazing remash of the Social Network has been created, and it’s brilliant. Well done Funny or Die


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

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