Exclusive: One-On-One Interview With Mike Alvarado

The boxer has a big fight coming up against Mauricio Herrera Saturday, and he's ready to put up his best performance yet.

Zachary Huttonby Zachary Hutton

Denver's own Mike Alvarado has begun to rise in the ranks of the ever dangerous 140lb weight class in boxing. Known for his fight-first mentality, "Mile High" is coming off of a dramatic upset victory over top flight contender Breidis Prescott last November.

Alvarado showed tremendous tenacity when he overcame Prescott's obvious lead in the fight. Prescott was stopped in the 10th round after a slew of Alvarado uppercuts shattered the favored fighter.

I recently had an opportunity to sit down and talk to Mike about this victory and his upcoming bout against Mauricio Herrera which airs this Saturday April 14th on PPV.

CraveOnline: How are you doing Mike?

Mike Alvarado: Hey, pretty good. Doing alright.

CraveOnline: How's your training been going?

Alvarado: Training has been going great, some of the best ever. I'm hyped. Pumped up. Ready to do some damage. Camp has been awesome, the best ever.

CraveOnline: What has the training in LA provided you that you weren't getting back home in Denver?

Alvarado: Sparring. Quality of sparring , definitely. I don't really have top quality sparring partners out here so being out there where the real boxing globe is, where all the fighters are out there training at provided a lot better sparring. It's been huge for training, it's been very good. I don't sparring out here so now that I'm able to get better sparring and switch my styles up and learn different aspects of the ring, it's been huge. It's a big learning experience up to this point now.

CraveOnline: You're fight with Prescott turned a lot of heads. What do you believe made you successful especially in the later rounds of that fight?

Alvarado: I believe the want that I had for it, my hunger to win and my conditioning has always been a major factor in all of my fights. My mentality once I know you can't hurt me, which he never did. He cut me but he never hurt me. He never had me doubting at all in that fight that I didn't want to win or I wanted to quit or anything.  It's just my heart, it took over man. Just the want to win and just show that this is what I wanna do. It's just took over me, that's what I did. It was meant to be for me to show my heart that fight and dig deep so it was good. (Laughing)

CraveOnline: On the fourteenth of April you'll be facing Mauricio Herrera. What does he bring to the fight in your opinion?

Alvarado: He's kind of a crafty fighter. I think he's going to try to sit there and box around. He knows that he's not as strong as me, by far. I'm the biggest, strongest, hardest hitting fighter he's ever faced. I believe he's going to try and step around and use his jab that he has, he's got a decent jab. We'll see how his foot work is but I'm already on top of my foot work. We're gonna make him fight and he's going to have no choice but to open up cause I'm coming like a lion, like a bull. He's going to have no choice but to fight with me and we'll see if he's ready for it.

CraveOnline: What do you think of the events that went down with what was suppose to be a huge fight on that card between Brandon Rios and Yuriorkis Gamboa ?

Alvarado: Man, I wish that fight would have happened! It wouldn't have switched to pay per view I guess. I don't know if they  said it would've been on regular HBO or what but that would've been a lot better for me to. That would have been a good fight. Everyone was looking forward to seeing that fight. Gamboa moving up a few weight classes to fight Rios. Rios barely making 135, struggling to make 135. I think he'd probably be too big for Gamboa. He's too strong. I don't know. Gamboa, he's quick, he's a good fighter. I really don't care who would win that fight but that would have been a good fight for the people to watch. Everybody was expecting it.

CraveOnline: A lot of people agree it would have been interesting to have you step in and fight Rios instead. Would you have welcomed the challenge?

Alvarado: Yeah, oh definitely! I was waiting for that! I'm with it man, I was ready to fight whoever. I would have been a more entertaining fight for the people. They're gonna build it up and hype it up more. I'm ready thou, I would have stepped in with a snap of the fingers.

CraveOnline: Who are you gunning for next assuming you defeat Herrera?

Alvarado:  If this fight goes as planned I'm ready for a world title shot man. Whoever has that belt at that time. I'll be ready for it. The winner of Khan, Garcia.  Whoever is the man to beat for that world title, that's my shot. I don't care who it is, it doesn't matter. I'll be ready in every aspect. I'm still growing as a fighter.

CraveOnline: Mike what will happen on April 14th?

Alvarado: I'm going to put on one of the best performances I've had in boxing so far. I'm stronger, quicker. It's going to be a very interesting fight for people to see the way I trained for this fight. It's going to very great performance for me.

CraveOnline: Thanks a lot man and the best of luck.

Alvarado: Thanks.

Mike Alvarado will be facing Mauricio Herrera on the undercard of Marquez/Fedchenko this Saturday night live from Mexico on HBO PPV.