‘Batman Streaker’ Banned For Life

This MLB team takes steps to ensure that the Dark Knight doesn't rise again.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It isn't opening day in the Major Leagues without some attention starved people looking to make their way on the news, and for the Baltimore Orioles this came in the form of a man rushing onto the field wearing only a pair of Batman underwear and a black cape.

Mark Harvey, 26, decided that opening day was the best time to get some laughs and some attention — and in that regard, he was very successful.

“It was my birthday, and I just love to make people laugh and get them going,” Mark Harvey told WJZ in Baltimore. “So I was like, what’s better than to go on opening day and do it.”

While the stunt became a YouTube hit since the opener last week — it has been viewed over 200,000 times — it also came with a couple of negative spins for Harvey. The first of these was a thirteen hour jail-stay after finally being wrangled down by the teams security guards.

“I don’t recommend doing it,” Harvey said of getting taken down by the guards. “Trust me, they tackle you hard.”

The second, and harsher ramification for his actions is that the Baltimore Orioles have banned him from their stadium for life. Apparently they feel very negatively about fans rushing onto the field.

For his part, Harvey was able to avoid the biggest penalty for his action: prosecution by the law.

The Orioles have a strict policy about trespassers, and a fan rushing onto the field definitely qualifies Harvey for that. However, the team declined to press charges, much to the surprise of Harvey.

“They said all the charges were dropped, which I was surprised,” Harvey said. “I asked them twice, like, are you sure?”

Despite the ban and the 13-hour jail-stay, Harvey playfully hinted that the opening day jog of his wouldn't be the last anyone has seen of Batman.

“You know what? Batman might be back.”

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