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Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From Belgian pranks to beans and frank (that’s what I called my junk when I was 6… so there), today’s video line up is pretty good, though sadly nothing new from my  favorite site, Dorkly… damn you Dorkly!


Dailymotion  – Sure You Want to Press this Button? (link)

Let’s start the day off with some epic prankage, A belgium TV channel offers pedestrians the opportunity to press a button to add drama to their daily routine.

Two things that strike me after watching this, first off I’m no loger impressed by anything Improv Everywhere does, and secondly Belgian’s will just stand around while guns blaze?! WTF! (also, I may start watching TNT… it’s still up in the air. Unless I can find the ‘Lingerie Motorcycle Girl Show’, I’d watch that.


College Humor – Wild American Eagle Models (link)

You may recognize Nathan Barnett from his interwebfamous roles of Keith Apicary or Trale Lewous. Here he is rocking the photo vest of a new character that shoots models, in the face, with his big pale camera. … I’ve completely forgotten what I was talking about. But the always entertaing Nathan Barnett!


Break  – Douchebags From Around The World Unite (link)

More douchey than American Eagle Models? It’s the king of the double popped collar, the D-bag. So let’s do this thing, deal with it!


Funny Or Die – CCOKC – Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron (link)

I support this twelve times more than I support that anti- douchebag shaming video from break. Proving once and for all Kirk Cameron is a Dick – GO CCOKCS!

I just realized I should have just ended that with – 'I like CCOKC!'


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and ‘splode before you wreck your d-bag.

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