Kings Twitter Account Takes Jab At Canucks

After a Game 1 win in Vancouver, L.A. added more fuel to the fire on their Twitter account.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

It was only one game but already the Los Angeles Kings are getting a little cocky. 

The eighth seed in the Western Conference out played the No. 1 seeded Vancouver Canucks, winning 4-2 on the road and taking an early 1-0 series lead.  The Kings – a team that has failed to advance past the first round the last two seasons – would like a little bit of revenge against a Canucks team that ousted Los Angeles two years ago, but might have made it more difficult by giving Vancouver some bulletin board material.

Shortly after the final horn sounded at Rogers Arena, the Kings continued to update their Twitter followers about the final score and then released this tweet:

Not often do you see a professional sports franchise talk smack on an opposing team through their official Twitter account.  That is usually left to the fans, who more often than not bicker like teenage girls.  But to be honest, we like it!

These sorts of things only build to rivalries, which in today’s age have become somewhat diluted thanks to expansion. 

It really didn’t cross the line, either.  The reason that many are talking about the tweet – especially rioters, ahem, Canucks fans – is the fact that official Twitter feeds are typically where a fan can find ticket plans, behind the scenes photos, or boring links;  but in this case the Kings used it to add salt to the Canucks wound after a big win.

But the Kings’ account was simply saying what all of Canada – outside of British Columbia – were thinking.  Vancouver is one of the most despised teams in not just the NHL, but Canada as well.

Early Thursday morning, the Kings issued an apology for the tweet, as per the National Post:

"We encourage our digital team to be creative, interactive and to apply a sense of humor whenever possible," Michael Altieri, the team's vice-president, communications and broadcasting, wrote in an email. "To anyone who found it offensive we sincerely apologize."

The tweet was relatively harmless but might have been just what the Kings need to get fired up – then again it could work to the Canucks’ favor. 

It’s hard to tell these days with all the bulletin board fodder and shifts in momentum.  Either way it showed thousands of NHL fans exactly which team most of Canada is rooting for in this series. 

The Canucks shouldn't be underestimated and there is still plenty of hockey left to be played.

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