DC’s Rumored New 52 Event: The Trinity War

A rumor surfacing today has a title for a DC "event" next year. What might it entail?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League Trinity

According to funnybook dirt sheet Bleeding Cool, DC is planning an event next year, presumably with the shine of the New 52 stunt having worn off a bit by then. All we know – if we even do know it, as rumors are often wrong – is that it is to be called The Trinity War. That name alone raises a bunch of interesting possibilities.

The Trinity, of course, is the common parlance used for the triumverate of DC's biggest stars – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Two potentially big ideas come to mind when you hear that Trinity War title, so we put it to you, readers, to see what you'd prefer to read about.

1.) Superman, Wodner Woman and Batman go rogue – or a bit too rogue for the governments of the world to handle, and it causes some kind of rift between them and the Justice League, so it's the three of them against the world. This could allow for DC to ape the 'superheroes fighting each other' schtick that's working so well for Marvel right now, as all the other heroes in the DCU have to try and bring these three down.

2.) Something awful happens that pits each member of the Trinity against each other. Superman has his crew, Batman has his family, Wonder Woman has her followers, fracturing the superhero community into three separate camps, and they spend a lot of time fighting each other all over the world. Again, their own riff on Marvel's big go-to event elements that appear to be super-popular.


As tired as the idea of heroes slap-fighting each other seems to be at the moment, somehow the second option seems pretty interesting anyway. It's the New 52, so the long-held notions of who these characters are and what they would do are much more flexible these days. Thus, they could really do some edgy stuff with them and how they'd go at each other, if they wanted.

Of course, that idle speculation could be wrong, and it could be something else entirely. Maybe evil Earth 2 Trinity attacks or something. What would you like to see out of a DC event calld The Trinity War?