Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan’s Vindictive Act

The head coach's restrictions against his former player are pathetic.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

When redshirt freshmen Jarrod Uthoff decided to transfer out of Wisconsin it surprised the Badger coaching staff. Their disappointment could be understood, as Uthoff came to Wisconsin as a top 150 high school player in the nation. Yet, what head coach Bo Ryan did next defies logic.

Ryan put the entire Big Ten, the entire ACC, Iowa State and Marquette on the list of school forbidden to contact Uthoff. This is one of the truly classless acts in college sports and demonstrates a shockingly ugly and mean spirited nature in Ryan.

High school players beware, Ryan clearly does not have the future of the young adults he is charged with teaching at heart.

Ryan essentially black balled Uthoff simply because he didn’t want to play for Wisconsin any more. Uthoff had nothing negative to say about the Wisconsin basketball program or the school. He broke no team, academic, or school violations. Uthoff’s only mistake was earnestly deciding his basketball career would be best supported at another university, and for this, Ryan decided the teenager must be punished.  

College athletes transfer all the time and they all know they suffer one year of ineligibility for this decision. These young athletes simply hunger to play the sport they love and be on a program where they feel they will succeed. Heaven forbid they decide to leave Wisconsin. Hell have no fury like Bo Ryan if he feels slighted.

As a result of these absurd restrictions by Ryan, one of the only teams available to offer Uthoff a scholarship is Creighton in the Missouri Valley Conference.

One can only hope that this type of power wielding move by Wisconsin will get the negative press it deserves and shame a school with a great reputation into doing the right thing. 

Photo Credit: Zuma Press/Icon SMI