Prey 2 in Development Limbo?

Anonymous source points to trouble behind the scenes. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Prey 2 is not going to make it's originally scheduled 2012 launch, Bethesda announced yesterday, due in part to quality control issues. Apparently, work on the Human Head-development title is not going so well, forcing Bethesda's hands to push the game back to 2013… at the earliest. 

However, there might be more to this story than originally detailed. According to an anonymous source within Human Head who approached website Shack News, development on Prey 2 has been on hold since November of last year because the company is dissatisfied with their contract with ZeniMax (the parent company of publisher Bethesda). 

According to the source, Human Head ceased development on Prey 2 in hopes that a strike would get the attention of ZeniMax and get new contracts drafted up. A large chunk of Human Head employees were even let go, under the impression that if new contracts with ZeniMax were struck, they would be hired back. 

Negotiations have been back and forth for months now, at one point even giving Human Head hope that development on Prey 2 would continue shortly. However, things soured at the beginning of March of this year, and little to no progress has been made since. This leaves the fate of Prey 2 very much in the air. 

When reached out to for comment, Bethesda said they "aren't commenting on the game's development beyond what was said in the statement," which simply stated that the game wasn't up to the pedigree of the studio and was therefore being delayed. 

It's going to be interesting to see what becomes of Prey 2. Chances are we won't hear about the title for a while now while ZeniMax, Bethesda and Human Head figure out what to do with it. If Human Head refuses to continue working on the title, there's a chance development will be passed along to a different studio. This wouldn't be the first time, as Bethesda handed off development of Rogue Warrior to Rebellion from Zombie Studios in 2009. 

We'll be back with more info on Prey 2 when we know it. Here's hoping the game eventually sees the light of day because it was looking really awesome.