8 People Who Quit Their Jobs On Camera

Hilarious ways to leave a terrible day job.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Take this job and shove it. Oh, and be sure to smile for the camera. Some folks quietly resign with a letter or a phone call; others parade around the office shouting “I Quit” with musical accompaniment, leading to a viral clip on YouTube. Let’s celebrate the latter group: here are 8 people who quit their jobs on camera.


Quitting the Providence Renaissance Hotel

Joey is everyone’s hero.


Quitting Being Spencer’s Assistant

I always thought HOPA was a government agency.


Quitting Microsoft (Bye, Bye Excel and I)

She’s going to work for Weird Al.


Quitting with 2001: A Space Odyssey

We’ve also learned that pulling tape off your chest will be a bitch.


Quitting McDonalds

Ba da ba ba ba – fries everywhere.


Quitting via Paper Dummy

It’d be funny if they thought it was real and they kept sending Nick checks.


Quitting to Play Call of Duty

Starts at 1:00. I can see his point – with all those noobs out there, who’s got time for dishwashing?


Quitting via Intercom

Leave not with a bang, but with an insane lap around the building!


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