8 Most Ridiculous Stoner Costumes

If 4/20 were Halloween, these are the goofy costumes people would wear.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If the whole point of getting high is to relax and feel good, why stuff yourself into a giant, uncomfortable costume to show how much you love marijuana? Yet, that’s exactly what some stoners do, and some of the costumes couldn’t be more absurd and huge. Here are 8 ridiculous stoner costumes:


“Baked” Potato

This pun would make even a Muppet groan. [via]


Keep Off The Grass

Actually, this isn’t a costume. This is just what happens when you smoke too much pot. [via]


Lady Bong and Pot-Thing

“Sorry, baby. I smoked your hemp wedding ring on the way over,” this man has said to her on more than one occasion. [via]


Stoner Fool Mask

Comes with a frying pan for people to hit you in the face with. [via]


Pot Head

It’s like Cabbage Head’s douchier cousin. [via]


Bong King

If you see someone in this costume, bow down. You are in the presence of stupid royalty. [via]


Ganja Man

Wait a second, the human pot leaf is pro-marijuana? Wubbity-huh?!? [via]


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