7 Very Fat Cats

The cute kind of fat cat. Not the Wall Street kind.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You know your cat needs a diet when there’s a news team filming a story about your pet and the crew is scowling at you. Cats need proper diets and exercise, just like humans. (Don’t let Garfield tell you otherwise — that fat, orange son of a bitch!) Keep your cat healthy and don’t let your pet become one of the 7 fattest cats alive:


Japanese Cat – 12 Pounds

Another way to know your cat is too fat: if the camera pan over its body takes a really long time.


Goliath – 20 Pounds

“What do you get when you steal kitty treats,” the Oompa Loompas would sing to this cat.


Country Cat – 28 Pounds

Maybe a little line dancing would do this cat some good.


Walter – 28 Pounds

Oregon is stuffing their cats… what are they plotting?


Meow – 39 Pounds

Me-awwww, poor guy.


Real Life Garfield – 40.8 Pounds

From the video's soundtrack, it seems like Garfield’s life is pretty intense.


“Princess” Chunky – 44 Pounds

So close to that world record, and yet, so far. Keep on tryin’, Florida!


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