7 Infomercials Gone Wrong (Video)

People making themselves look like idiots! Act Fast! Order NOW!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

We couldn't help ourselves after re-watching the South Park "Cash for Gold" episode, so we just had to do something about this too. You've probably seen these long-ass infomercials late at night. Some clincal lunatic selling crappy jewelry, or cleaning products, or knives, whatever. It's actually pretty fun to watch as long as you're not one of the people who get suckered into buying this junk. 

But what happens when something goes wrong on air? A lot of these infomercials are live and try to get people to buy thier ware immediately! And as we all know, on live TV anything is possible. So we here at CRAVE have once again scoured the internet and brough you some of the funniest Infomercial videos we could find. Take a look:


"I think we're going to need an abulance…"

Little known fact: Dan Rather got his start in broadcasting after Walter Cronkite ripped his scrotum on-air. 


"He's moving but he's okay…"

Did you see how hard he cracked his head! LOLOLOLOL!


"Live television, don't you just love it?"

Some would argue this is the perfect way to sell a television. 


"You know my favorite thing about a DELL?"

It's funny becasue it's true. Oh, and vista sucks too.


"And it locks FIRMLY in place."

Save yourself the broken neck and just get a stool, moron!


"Have you ever seen the size of a Rhinosaurus ball?"

I know someone who's taking a stop by the zoo after work!


"Make sure all your accessories are assembled correctly"

Who the hell is paying over 300 bucks for a Wii?


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