Green Lantern Corps #8: Inspiring Apathy

The Alpha Lanterns, the Internal Affairs of the GLC, sets its sights on one of our core Corpsmen.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Green Lantern Corps #8

The Green Lantern Universe needs to step it up. Ever since the New 52 reboot, the world of the emerald police force has become boring. DC is trying to hide behind an upcoming event where the Guardians replace the Green Lanterns with a new police force. This would be cool except watching the Guardians crack and act insane has been going for the last three years. The idea has completely worn out its welcome. At this point in time, I’d be excited for a new police force – maybe it would snap the creative team back from the brink.

Green Lantern Corps #8 adds fuel to the fire by entering the Corps into an inane war with The Alpha Lanterns, who are a ridiculous concept to begin with. For those who don’t know, The Alpha Lanterns are basically Internal Affairs for the Green Lanterns. They’re a special batch of Lanterns chosen by the Guardians to evolve beyond their normal self and step into a higher calling, which is to rat on their Lantern brothers. Issue #8 opens with these Alpha Lanterns discussing how to take down John Stewart.  For reasons that are lame at best, Stewart killed another Green Lantern to save thousands of lives. Regardless of the logic in his move, the Alpha Lanterns have decided that Stewart needs to pay.

Meanwhile, the Green Lantern Corps are using their rings to try and bury the yellow lantern that powers the Sinestro Corps. Some Lanterns are fine with doing this; others are incensed by the very idea. As this argument rages, the Guardians summon Guy Gardner to a meeting where they basically kiss his ass and tell him he’s “their number one guy”. This particular section of Green Lantern Corps #8 sat badly with me. Gardner has always had way too much on the ball to be bamboozled by this obvious ploy from the Guardians. Guy returns and, during a break at his own OA watering hole, Guy and Stewart are attacked and a bar brawl breaks out. Right at the end, the Alpha Lanterns bust in and announce John Stewart is under arrest.

That feeling of who cares that is passing through your body right now, that’s pretty much the feeling of the whole issue. DC has been using John Stewart as their emotional scapegoat for so long it has zero impact. Add to that how long this subplot involving the Guardians has gone on and then sprinkle in all the substandard writing, and those elements have helped dismantle the Green Lantern Universe into this directionless pit of absolute mediocrity. Perhaps the big upcoming war with this new police force will be cool, but if the story ideas don’t pick up, it’ll be another interesting blip on a currently bland radar screen.

Fernando Pasarin makes a solid return with GLC #8. His work really helps to save the issue, at least aesthetically. His layouts are killer, his art always highly detailed and fun to look at. I dug his work showing the scope of the Sinestro Corps battery and while the bar fight was unnecessary plot wise, Pasarin made it look cool. I know others find this whole run with GLC to be “fun” and filled with levity. To me, the entire universe feels like it has no direction and if it does, it’s the wrong one.


(5 Art, 2 Story)