First Look at the Dinobots in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Your favorite dino robots in all their glory. Michael Bay, take notes. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


I've been a fan of the Transformers since I first laid eyes on them. And it wasn't long after that that I fell in love with the Dinobots, too. I vividly remember the episode of the old 1980s cartoon series that debuted everybody's favorite rag-tag team of dinosaur-themed robots. It was like an after school special with the Transformers being dragging to the local museum by their human companions to be educated on dinosaurs. It was adorable, and will forever be a memory engrained in my brain.

So to see the Dinobots in their full glory in an upcoming video game is beyond exciting for me. We've seen Grimlock in action already in Fall for Cyberton, but what about the rest of the gang? Today, Activision and High Moon Studios released a packet of screenshots putting on display the full Dinobot cast, including Slag (the triceratops), Snarl (the stegosaurus) and Swoop (the pterodactyl). Try to hold back your nerd boners, folks. But if you can't, it's fine, we've been hiding ours secretly for a while now… 

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grimlock14 grimlock_fire_7 grimlock_chomp_5

grimlock_fire_7_1 grimlock_fire_8 grimlock_full_dino

grimlock_melee_8 grimlock_melee_sword_4 grimlock_melee_sword_12

grimlock_melee_attack_16 grimlock_shield_7 slug_7

slug_hero slug_dino_tri snarl_dino_stego

swoop_insecticons_flying swoop_hero_pose swoop_walking