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Finding the most inexpensive destinations.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Everyone's always asking, "What's the cheapest way to travel?" I'm a big fan of last-minute bookings. I check out sites like groupon and every day – they are constantly touting incredible deals that change daily (even hour to hour).

However I'm lucky – because I work from home and can do everything remotely from my trusty cell and lappy, I can book a quick getaway and shuffle work things around to accommodate my trip. But this isn't often the case for a lot of nine-to-fivers, so I thought readers would be interested to know about a new article on CNN GO about the five cheapest destinations right now.

The first is Mexico, not surprisingly. A popular hotspot with a constant flow of tourists always meant lots of deals were to be had in this sun-drenched region of the world, and now, given some of the negative press this area has received in recent months, hotels are anxious to draw visitors in, once again. This means top-rated resorts at a fraction of the price.

Next on the list is Thailand. While I haven't been there myself I've had a lot of friends go there, and they can't say enough good things about the area, the culture, the people, and the destination as a whole. Recovering from natural disasters translates into hotels hoping to lure in globetrotters, and they're enticing travellers with rock-bottom rates.

Then there's Burma, a less explored region of the globe but nonetheless steeped in history and incredible sights. Tourism has only started to bud there, and to attract out-of-towners there are a wide range of tours as well as accommodation and dining options to be had there.

And rounding out the list are Egypt and Greece, respectively. Egypt boasts safe cities and a quieter tourist market right now, meaning you may actually be able to visit the pyramids without being inundated with foreigners. Similarly, Greece has seen a decline in hotel and airline rates, meaning there are lots of specials going on, so now is the time to take advantage.

To read more of the article visit CNNGO's webpage.

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