Historectomy 34 Five Unusual Deaths

Make sure you don’t die like this. Not like this. Not li-

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


From Englishmen being beaten with their own wooden legs to being locked in a chest to having a tidal wave of molasses destroy your town; Sam and Christian brave some of the strangest stories of mortality expunged by the drunken middle finger of fate. Join us for under a half hour of fun!


Also in this episode: Are eggs good for you?, why Oedipus Rex was not the Kill Bill Vol. 1 of it’s time, God loves Man kills…and laughs at goats, where did Christianity ruin things for everyone?, how irony was the REAL killer, what’s the sound of one wooden leg 'beating’?, if you’re a sadistic killer you should let out your real emotions, and unneeded sexual innuendo and death!