Charlotte Officially Worst NBA Team Of All-Time

How the Bobcats set the NBA record for futility with the worst winning percentage of all time.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Michael Jordan, perhaps the most feared and competitive player to ever dribble a basketball, hasn't had a great run as an NBA owner.

The attention to detail and the drive to be the best — two things that defined Jordan's playing career — just haven’t translated well to the next level. This post-playing-career futility hit a new low on Thursday night when the team he owns, the Charlotte Bobcats, set the NBA record for the lowest winning percentage in league history.

With the Bobcats' 104-84 loss to the Knicks, their 23rd in a row, the Bobcats secured a dismal 7-59 record in this lockout shortened season. That record gives them a .106 winning percentage, which edges out the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers, whose 9-73 record saw them post a .110 percentage.

7 wins in 66 games is so horrendously bad that words can't describe it. To put it in perspective, the seven wins are just 1 more than the number of NBA Championships that Jordan has under his belt.

This dubious distinction, the one of being the worst team in history, is not something anyone would want on their resume; but for head coach Paul Silas, whose contract expires after this season, it may be the record he ends his head coaching career on.

“The season itself was a long haul for all of us – upstairs and downstairs,’’ said coach Paul Silas. “Being the worst team in the history of the game is not something you cherish.”

With head coaches usually taking most of the blame for poor seasons, it's probably safe to assume that Silas will not get any type of new contract from the Bobcats. If that's the case, then he goes out in a professional manner, giving what praise he could to his team.

"I have to commend the guys," said Paul Silas. "They gave me everything they had and I can't fault them one bit for what happened. If they hadn't played hard for me and their attitudes hadn't been right then that's different, but they were positive and did everything that they needed to do."

Everything they needed to do, that is, except win.

The craziest part about this deliberate tank job, and that's what it was, is that even with the worst record in the league, the Bobcats aren't a lock for the number 1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. In fact, the team with the most lottery balls haven’t had the best of luck in recent years. Last year, the Minnesota Timberwolves held the Bobcats' distinction and watched as the Cleveland Cavaliers got the top pick through a pick received through a trade that had a 22 percent chance of being the last one standing.

No, this record of futility is what it is: horrible. And there is no real consolation for it. It's an eyesore and a huge black mark on the once spotless record of Michael Jordan. A championship would erase this season, but unless Jordan has a time machine there is no way that will be happening anytime soon.

So, for now, Bobcats fans must rest their injured pride on hoping for the number one pick and then they must hope not to start the season 0-4. With four straight losses to start the season, that would put them at 27 straight losses, an NBA record and yet another potential black mark on the man known as one of the greatest of all time; Michael Jordan, the man who is quickly becoming the joke of NBA ownership.


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