Quirky Informercials 5

A look at 3 puzzling informercials

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

In this latest installment of Quirky Infomercials, we take a look at unintentional funny spells high on laughter and irony.

Kush Support

This contoured ceramic salt pepper shaker looking contraption snuggles between the breasts to provide good rest by adjusting the spine for proper alignment. Note the provocative stillshot of the angelic woman at 0:33 for the most sexually suggestive pose in American infomercial history. Silly question, but wouldn't a rolled up slip resistant sock do the same as 1/10 the price?


Everest College


Arguably the most talked about, polarizing for profit college commercials on the Internet today, Everest College's spokesperson blasts daytime television viewers for sitting on the couch and procrastinating like a drill sergeant therapist. It is so controversial, it was the subject of a Mike Epps standup routine and countless paradies on Youtube. Simply type in "Everest College" and you'll find no less than 100 parodies of copycats threatening kids to join school in funny ways.


Facial Flex Exercising and Toning Kit

This macabre display of torture pits a helpless woman in a QVC studio against an electric contraption stretching her mouth open.  This ties the Jason-inspired Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask and its small electric impulses to the face in overall torture shock value.