5 Pairs of Rival Billboards

This is what makes mad men so mad.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Advertising is like boxing. In some ways, it’s an art-form – you can study and analyze the “ballet” of movement between opponents. In other ways, it’s a brutal slugfest where you could end up in the hospital. Companies will duke it out to get a bigger share of their target demographic, as we can see here in these 5 pairs of rival billboards:


Audi vs. BMW

Next round, it’s BMW vs. Deep Blue. [via]


UFC vs. Pass It On

UFC would be weird if they followed that other billboard’s advice. [via]


CentralToledo.org vs. TheChurchOnStrayer.com

God could not be reached for comment. [via, 2]


Jet Airways vs. King Fisher

Not enough exclamation points. [via]


Stella Artois vs. Newcastle

Answer: these guys. (Starts 1:15) [via]


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