SUPERNATURAL 7.20 ‘The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo’

A young hacker may be the key to bringing down Dick Roman and the Leviathans, but Bobby's vengeance may get in the way.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Director: John MacCarthy

Previously on "Supernatural":

Episode 7.19: "Of Grave Importance"


At their hidden cabin, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) attempt to decipher what the Leviathan leader, Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) is looking for at several different archaeological sites. Then the ghost of Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) appears long enough to fill them in on Roman's plans to fatten up and dumb down humanity through contaminated meat while eliminating human diseases to create the perfect cattle for their state-of-the-art slaughterhouses as they kick mankind off the top of the food chain. Just then, the Winchesters get an e-mail from the presumably dead Frank, which informs them that his heavily encrypted hard drive is currently being hacked from Roman's corporate headquarters.

Five hours earlier, a young hacker named Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) happily arrives at Roman's office building and banters with her friend, Harry (Jesse Wheeler) while misappropriating funds from Roman's Super PAC to animal based charities. Charlie is soon called into the office of her boss, Pete (David Stuart) where she meets Roman himself. Roman knows all about Charlie's Super PAC activities and he's impressed by her skills. So he gives her three days to crack Frank's hard drive or she'll be fired. Back at the Winchesters' cabin, Bobby suggests that they mail his flask to the office building so that he can help them from the inside.

But to Bobby's shock, Sam and Dean refuse because they're worried that being so close to Roman will turn  Bobby into a vengeful spirit. Back at Roman's headquarters, Charlie turns out to be very good at her job and she cracks the hard drive after a single night of work. She then reads the very disturbing material within that explains what Leviathans are and how Dick Roman is connected to them. As she looks for her boss, Pete, Charlie arrives in the parking lot just in time to see one of Roman's Leviathan's eat Pete and assume his identity. Charlie flees the building and returns home, where the Winchester brothers are waiting for her.

After proving that they aren't Leviathans, Charlie calms down enough for them to explain that Frank's hard drive hacked into her computer and sent them a webcam recording of her attempts to break it. At this point, they don't need to convince Charlie that the Leviathans are real, but she initially balks at the idea of returning to the building and hacking Roman's private e-mail files. However, Charlie is also smart enough to realize that Roman will come after her now that she knows the truth, so she volunteers to break into Roman's office with the help of the Winchesters as Bobby silently watches them plan. Hours later, they return to the corporate headquarters and Charlie is visibly nervous as she approaches the building.

From a van parked in the lot, Sam and Dean try to talk Charlie past her initial stage of fear. They also notice that Bobby has slipped his haunted flask into Charlie's bag, which she interprets as a gesture to give her something to calm her nerves. Much to Dean's embarrassment, he has to talk Charlie through every stage of flirtation with the last male security guard between her and Roman's private office. Despite Charlie's lack of experience with men, she still does well enough to get by. As Charlie downloads files from Roman's private servers, Bobby invisibly distracts the guard and gives Charlie a chance to hide her illicit actives from him.  

Returning to her work station, Charlie transfers Roman's files to the Winchesters, where they discover that Roman has found whatever it is he was looking for at the archaeological dig sites. And the object is scheduled to be delivered to Roman from a local airport within the hour. At the airport, the Leviathan named Victor (Darcy Laurie) calls Roman and tells him that the package has arrived. Roman then catches Charlie as she attempts to leave her work station. Some time later, Victor arrives with the package… which turns out to be a Borax bomb that explodes in their faces. Cut to two hours earlier, as Charlie uses her hacking skills to convince Roman and Victor that the package was delayed.

This allows the Winchesters to get to the airport first and swap out the package for one of their own. And inside of Roman's intended package is… red clay? Meanwhile, Charlie is confronted by Roman who wants to see her progress with the drive. She shows him some of what she's found so far, but no information about Leviathans or the Winchesters. Roman leaves her to receive his package and catch us up to the present. In the aftermath of the blast, Roman tells security to lock down the building just in time to trap Charlie inside. As the Leviathans close in on Charlie, Bobby shatters the glass on the doors and pushes the monsters away from her.
The Winchesters jump through the shattered glass and dispose of Leviathan Pete, but Bobby is so focused on hurting Roman that he doesn't seem to have noticed that he broke Charlie's arm in the process. Regardless, the Winchesters take Charlie and depart, eventually dragging Bobby's ghost with them. Roman is so incensed over the loss of the clay that he eats Victor on the spot and sends out an alert for the Winchesters. Sometime later, we see Charlie with a cast on her arm as the Winchesters see her off to a bus station. Charlie cheerfully suggests that Charlie isn't her real name nor is this the first time that she's had to disappear. But she asks the Winchesters to never contact her again.

Afterwards, Sam and Dean speak privately where Bobby can't follow them as they note that he didn't care who he hurt when he went up against Roman. Sam openly worries that Bobby is going insane from hatred, while Dean insists that they focus on dealing with the Leviathans and figuring out what the red clay is for.


"The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" had the most hilarious title by far of "Supernatural" season 7. But after that brilliant setup, somehow we never actually see the tattoo in question! And from Charlie's description, it would have been an interesting visual.

Felicia Day's Charlie was a fun character for the duration of the episode and fortunately she didn't die horribly; which means that a return appearance isn't completely out of the question despite what she told the Winchesters. Charlie's attempted flirtations with the security guard were probably the comedic highlight of the episode, alongside Dean's uncanny ability to feed her seductive lines. The episode also made good use of ghost Bobby and it gave us a preview of what he can do when he gives into his rage.

Although I don't totally buy the idea that Bobby could become a truly vengeful and insane spirit, I'm enjoying Jim Beaver's return too much to care about that. Bobby's unseen assault on Dick Roman and his Leviathans gave him a sense of power that the Winchesters and their allies rarely have over their enemies.

The Leviathans' master plan to fatten up the world and dumb them down for slaughter is pretty pedestrian for supposedly ancient creatures from Limbo. When fast food franchises are executing a better version of your evil plan than you are, it's time to reconsider your life.

I don't think that anything can make the Leviathans work as true adversaries at this point in the season, but showing them from Charlie's perspective helped give them some of the edge that they've been missing. This was also one of James Patrick Stuart's better turns as Dick Roman, but there's still something missing from his character that keeps him from being a truly effective big bad.

Sam and Dean's airport heist was entertaining, but the time shifting parts of the script seemed like they were designed to build up some tension that wouldn't have been there if the story had simply been told in a straightforward way. It wasn't a bad episode by any stretch, but that time jumping trick is going to get old pretty quickly if it comes up again. 

Regardless of my reservations about the entire Leviathan storyline, I'm relieved to see that it is near its endgame so that they can finally be written off of the show. It's almost a certainty that "Supernatural" will be back for season 8, and I just want to see the Winchesters go up against a worthy adversary next time.